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Dive Hard 

O2 Analyzer

Introducing your new dive companion


  • Simple one button operation

  • Bright and crisp OLED screen

  • Easy Digital calibration

  • MOD display

  • Rugged breakage proof construction

  • User changeable O2 Sensor

  • User changeable 18650 Li-Ion battery

  • USB-C charging port

  • Accepts most CCR O2 sensors (JJ-CCR, Meg, O2ptima, Poseidon, Prism2, KISS, Hammerhead, Liberty and REVO)

  • Does not accept XCCR and Inspiration sensors

how do we make it?

Innovative manufacturing process

User friendly product

  • 3D printed PET case

  • 8 Bit MCU

  • 16 Bit precision A2D converter

  • 18650 Li-Ion battery

  • Sensor block for easy sensor replacement

Don't throw away your old sensors!

Galvanic sensors are made of acid and heavy metals, throwing them might bring those materials where they don't belong.

CCR application requires the sensors to not current limit before they reach PO2=1.6 while analyzers requires the sensors to reach PO2=1.0 therefore they can be reused. 

Dive Hard O2 Analyzer is the perfect companion for anyone who can source those CCR sensors for free, it accepts both Molex and Coax type sensors.

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